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  • The BabyMoon Carrier

    The first 6 weeks of a new baby’s life are what we call “The BabyMoon”. You know, just like the “HoneyMoon” everyone has right after the wedding to bond and enjoy one another in the new family. Well, BabyMoon is quite the similar thing, just for bonding and enjoying this transition, and adapting to the new lifestyle that comes with parenting.

    And with the BabyMoon Carriers you can enjoy this sweet time of your life even longer than just the 6 weeks of transition, but all the way into toddlerhood and beyond.

    The Design

    When designing the BabyMoon carriers, we wanted to give you the best babywearing experience possible, so we took the traditional asian Mei Tai carrier, then taking into account it's simplicity, tension lines and great versatility, our team of textile engineers created the BabyMoon carrier.

    The Fabrics

    Due to our meticulous fabric choice, with a focus on the physical properties of the textiles we could avoid using padding in the carrier straps and belt, making the carrier very compact, while supportive enough to carry a 3 year old napping toddler.

      Healthy and Safe

      The BabyMoon carrier provides safe positioning for your baby, at any age, as well as the best adjustability and weight distribution we can offer, to protect your spine.


      The carrier design is made according to the EU safety standard EN13209-2.



        You can breastfeed easily and discreetly in the BabyMoon Carrier, if you combine it with a breatfeeding friendly top.


        With a very small baby, you can use the carrier, by placing the baby in fetal position, legs-in and adjusting the hammock depth to the size of your baby, by rolling the belt.

      • The "Why?"

        Babywearing has been around for centuries, and now you can wear your baby with BabyMoon and tap into the wisdom of parents all over the world and along world history. We want you to enjoy parenting, and do it in style, lookig fabulous and showing your baby all the magic of interaction and exploration!


        The HUGS, are a major way of pumping Oxytocin into ones system. The exact hormone, that is responsible for the bliss of love and parenting.


        But that is not all the physical benefit that you get with enjoying the BabyMoon Carrier!

        The list is long, covering thisngs like preventing hip dysplasia, due to the M-positioning of the babys hips in the carrier, using BabyMoon decreases this risk significantly.

        Beside the safe and snuggly baby positioning, BabyMoon is made, so that your spine is as safe as can be. Due to the wide straps, and the dual buckles, you can redistribute the weight of the baby onto your hips and torso, and keep your center of gravity from being dislocated, and not straining your back.


        Well, the picture on the left does show "lunch", rather than a sweet kiss, but the thing is that babywearing is your tool for bonding and interacting with your baby, from the earlyest days of their life. This is done mostly with close contact and communication.


        Long before the development of verbal skills, the parent/baby tandem communicates on so many levels. The baby adapts much faster to the world outside womb, reasured by the presence and care of mom and dad.

        And for the parents, it is an empowering feeling, to be so close to your baby so you understand all their needs, that they can't yet put into words, Plus, you can kiss that tiny nose all day long!



        Parenting changes you, and yet it doesn't. You will go on liking your favorite music, your favorite books, your favorite places, but now you always have a small and curious partner to share your favorites with.

        And BabyMoon can help you explore places, that can be dificult to reach othewise. Concert in the park, hiking, a shopping trip, or a trip across the ocean for vaction.

        Your baby will be there with you, seeing things from your eye level, and experiencing people and places as being part of the "tribe" of grownups around him.

      • ...and the BabyMoon App

        ....is on it's way. Don't miss the release!

      • One size

        The BabyMoon carrier can be used with babies 0-36 months / 3-20 kg


        Adjustable hammock depth, to fit any size baby.

        Dual buckles allow a good fit to any size caregiver.


          The carrier offers 3 options for baby positioning, that you can achieve with
          3+ buckling options for each:

          • Tummy 2 Tummy
          • Hip Carry
          • Rucksack Back Carry
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